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Coffee Beverages from Other Countries

Coffee has earned its place all over the world, as a favorite beverage. It is a part of everyday life for many people and accompanies many moments of our lives. This love for coffee is a global phenomenon and every country can have its own special coffee drink. Here’s a list of separate coffee beverages from around the world:

Kaffeost – Finland, Sweden
This drink consists of a cup of coffee accompanied by a serving of Leipäjuusto, a Finnish cheese. In Finland, this cheese is served next to the coffee, while in northern Sweden the pieces of cheese sink into the mug where they soften.

Ca phe trung – Vietnam
Ca phe trung is said to have been created by the need for more creamy coffee at a time when dairy products were deficient in Vietnam. It consists of brown, whipped egg yolk and sugar milk.

Café des épices – Morocco
This coffee from Morocco may not have that strange of ingredients as the previous ones, but it has a strong flavor since it contains cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and sweetened milk.

Kopi Joss – Indonesia
Produced by a coffee shop vendor who was being tortured by a stomach ache, Kopi Joss, is practically a half-filled coffee mug in which a hot charcoal is added and it boils the coffee. It is as crazy as it sounds, but is known to soothe gastrointestinal pains.

Mazagran – Portugal
This type of beverage escapes little of the traditional concept of coffee as it contains lemon, iced water, mint and for those who want a more special version, rum.

Espresso Romano – Italy
A coffee that is simple and easy to brew, but it seems to make the experience different as it highlights the taste of the coffee. To get a taste of this drink, take a cup of espresso and pass a slice of lemon from the lip of the glass. Finally, serve with a little lemon peel for scent.

These are just a few of the different versions invented by the rest of the world in terms of coffee. If you feel like trying something different do not hesitate to visit us.

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